Blank Jigsaw Puzzle Templates | Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle for Free

By Tim van de Vall on 07/22/2013

Have you ever wanted to make your own custom jigsaw puzzles? Now you can with these blank jigsaw puzzle templates. There are nine printable templates to choose from, as well as a step-by-step puzzle-making tutorial.

Start by selecting one of the templates below. I recommend choosing the first template with 12 puzzle pieces. Since the tabs on the pieces are angular rather than rounded, they’re easy to cut out.

Jigsaw Puzzle Template Set 1

Jigsaw puzzle templates
12-piece blank puzzle template. Great for kids to cut out. Recommended for ages 9 and up.


Jigsaw Puzzle Template-02
6-piece puzzle template. I recommend this one for kids 8 and under.


Jigsaw Puzzle Template-03
20-piece jigsaw puzzle template. Recommended for children age 10-99.
Jigsaw Puzzle Template-04
30 puzzle piece template, for kids age 10-99.


Blank Jigsaw Puzzle 15 pieces
15-piece puzzle template, for kids age 10-99.

2018 Update


Here are two new puzzle templates, an 80-piece template and a circular puzzle template. Enjoy!

80 piece puzzle template

circular puzzle piece template

equilateral triangle puzzle template

hexagon puzzle template

hexagonal puzzle template

star puzzle template


How to Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle

Necessary Supplies:

X-Acto Knife or Scissors
Glue Stick

Make your own jigsaw puzzle
Step 1: Print out one of the above templates and draw a picture on it. I’ve printed out a scene from my comic book series, The Adventures of Chartwell. (The puzzle pieces are faintly drawn on the illustration.) Once you’re happy with your drawing, paste it on a piece of cardboard with a glue stick. If you like, cover it with a layer of laminate.
Make your own jigsaw puzzle
Here you can see the faint outline of the puzzle pieces. If you wish to make the puzzle piece lines lighter, you can do so by changing the image opacity in image editing software such as Photoshop.
Make your own jigsaw puzzle
Step 2: Using the X-Acto knife (or scissors) and the ruler, cut along the perimeter of the puzzle. Note: Children should probably not use the X-Acto knife, especially not unattended. Leave the following steps to a parent/grown up.
Make your own jigsaw puzzle
Step 3. Start to cut out the pieces. Carefully slice them with the X-acto knife. Be careful not to cut into your floor or table.
Make your own jigsaw puzzle
Step 4: Continue to cut out the pieces until they’re all separated.
Make your own jigsaw puzzle
Congratulations! Your puzzle is now complete.
Make your own jigsaw puzzle
Test out your puzzle by reassembling it. For a more sturdy puzzle and a greater challenge, consider using pressboard or wood.



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