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Printable Paper Airplane Template

Turn a regular paper airplane into a paper toy fighter jet with this printable paper airplane template for kids. Click on the two images below to open up the high resolution images and save them to your computer. Print the front page and be sure to press “scale to fit.” When the front page has printed, print the back of the paper airplane template on the back. In order that it prints correctly, load the paper upside down and backwards. (The printed front side will be visible, with the pointed end of the paper airplane facing away from you.)

Once you’ve correctly printed the airplane, trim the white margins with a pair of scissors or an x-acto knife and a ruler. Then start folding. Start with the back side facing up and fold the paper in half along the long side. Then fold the white triangle corner flaps in toward the center crease. Fold both sides of the paper again along the line where the light blue wings end and the dark blue underside begins. Close the paper airplane and the then fold the wings over. Pop the wings up. Your paper airplane is folded and ready to fly!

If you like, you can print a second one and race your paper airplane with a friend. See who can fly their printable airplane the farthest. You could also grab a stopwatch or a download a timer app and see whose airplane flies the fastest.

Printable Paper Airplane Template Front

Printable Paper Airplane Template

Printable Paper Airplane Template Back

Printable Paper Airplane Template


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