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Tims Printables

Educational Printables

To help kids learn, and teachers teach

language arts printables

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Language Arts Printables

1. All About Me Printables – A fun first-day-of-school activity.
2. Bookmarks – Create a bookmark.
3. Hamburger Paragraph – Teach paragraph structure.
4. Handwriting Practice Paper – To help children write.
5. Mad Libs – Fun mad libs based on classic Aesop’s Fables.
6. Story Starters – Creative story starters for kids.

math printables

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Math Printables

1. First Grade Math Worksheets – Worksheets for grade 1.
2. Multiplication Table – Print your own multiplication table.
3. Number Line Printable – Blank number lines for math.
4. Printable Protractor – Can’t find a protractor? Print one!
5. Printable Ruler in Inches – Print a ruler.
6. Printable Ruler in Centimeters – Print a metric ruler.


photo: istock.com/Brian McEntire

Science Printables

1. Animal Cell Diagram – Learn the organelles in a cell.
2. Brain Diagram – Learn the parts of the brain.
2. Human Skeleton Diagram – Learn the bones in body.
3. Solar System Diagram – Learn the order of the planets.

social studies printables

Joseph Duplessis, public domain

Social Studies Printables

1. Timelines – Blank timeline for Social Studies.
2. Woolly Mammoth Fact Sheet – Learn about mammoths.
3. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – Self-actualize!
4. Ben Franklin Coloring Page – Color this Founding Father.
5. States and Capitals Quiz – Do you know them all?

Printables for Teachers and Parents

A set of helpful classroom materials

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Classroom Printables

1. Answer Sheet Templates – Blank answer sheets.
2. Award Ribbons – Award ribbons for a job well done.
3. KWL Chart – Know, Want to Know, Learned.
4. SMART Goals Chart – To help people set attainable goals.

printable paper

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Printable Paper

1. Graph Paper, 8.5 x 11 – Printable letter-sized graph paper.
2. Graph Paper, 11 x 17 – Printable tabloid-sized graph paper.
3. Isometric Graph Paper – Create block letters, and patterns.
4. Isometric Graph Paper, 11 x 17 – Isometric graph paper.
5. Notebook Paper – Print your own notebook paper.
6. Sheet Music – Blank paper for musicians.
7. Scrolls – Write a message on a classic paper scroll.

man with calendar

photo: Tim van de Vall

Organization Printables

1. Daily Schedules – Create some order in the day .
2. Grocery Lists – Never forget an item at the store again.
3. To Do Lists – Write down all the things you need to do.
4. Weekly Schedules – Plan your week.
5. Monthly Calendars – Print a blank calendar.

Printable Crafts, Activities and Games

A collection of creative entertainment printables

craft printables

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Printable Crafts

1. Printable Board Game Boards – Make your own game.
2. Printable Dice – Make your own 6, 10 or 12 sided dice.
3. Paper Airplanes – The classic paper airplane.
4. Make a Pop Up Card – Make your own pop up card.
5. Puzzles – Draw your own puzzle.
6. Shape Templates – Cut and paste shapes for creative crafts.

activities printables

photo: Tim van de Vall

Printable Activities

1. Color by Numbers – Color and learn about numbers.
2. Connect-the-Dots – Printable dot-to-dots.
3. Mazes – Complete these fun hand-drawn mazes.
5. Paper Pizza – Cut and paste pizza activity for kids.
6. Spot the Difference Printables – How do the images differ?
7. Word Searches – A set of fun word searches!

game printables

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Printable Games

1. Bingo – Print Bingo cards and tokens for the classroom.
2. Chess – Print your own a chess board and chess pieces.
3. Tic-Tac-Toe – A classic game in printable format.

Drawing & Writing Printables

For aspiring authors and illustrators

boy riding dragon

photo: Tim van de Vall, age 8

Drawing Printables

1. Coloring Pages – A bunch of coloring pages.
2. Drawing Tutorials – Step-by-step drawing tutorials.
3. Blank Comic Strips – Blank comic strip templates.
4. Comic Book Pages – Blank comic book templates.
5. Film Strips – Draw your own movie scenes.
6. Story Boards – Create your own storyboard.

writing printables

photo: istock.com/JudyKennamer

Writing Printables

1. Printable Journal– Make your own journal.
2. Acrostic Poems – Write your own acrostic poem.
3. Comic Book Pages – Blank comic book templates.
4. Film Strips – Draw your own movie scenes.
5. Story Boards – Create your own storyboard.

Printables by Theme

pirate printablesPirate Printables

1. Pirate Treasure Maps – Print a pirate treasure map!
2. Paper Treasure Chest – Make a pirate treasure chest.
3. Pirate Coloring Pages – Color pirates online!

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