Free Blank History Timeline Templates for Kids and Students

This page has four different history timeline template for kids and students. Blank timeline templates are a great resource for Social Studies homework assignments and classes such as World History, European History and United States History. Two of the timelines below have number lines where you can fill in the dates. The other two timelines are best used when chronology, rather than specific dates, is the main focus of the graphic organizer.

History Timeline Templates – Number Line

Printable Timeline Template

This first timeline is excellent for year specific events. When using the timeline, draw a line from a box to the spot on the timeline to show when the event took place. The large tick marks increment every ten time units. (The time unit, whether it’s years, days, or minutes, is up to you.)

Blank Timeline Template

This printable timeline is similar to the previous one. The main difference is that there are less tick marks for a less cluttered and more general overview of events.

Blank Timeline Templates for Chronology

Blank Timeline Template

This third history timeline template can be printed multiple times to make one long ongoing timeline. This template is great for recording chronology, since it is not divided by incremented time marks.

Timeline for kids

The last timeline is another chronology graphic organizer. You can cut out the rows and paste them one after the other to make a long timeline.

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