Y is for Yak | Letter Y Coloring Page

By Tim van de Vall on 01/12/2016

Here is a free Y is for Yak printable / Letter Y coloring page for preschoolers. Parents can download this freebie to review the letter Y with their kids after they’ve learned about it in school. Not many animals start with the letter Y, so I drew a cartoon yak for this particular letter.

Both versions are available for free in PDF format. They are part of a complete alphabet booklet I illustrated. To download, please click the thumbnails below.

Y is for Yak letter y y is for yak

Y is for Yak, but What Else Starts with Y?

Here are a few other common words that begin with the letter Y, which your child might know:

Yard, Yarn, Year, Yellow, Yogurt, Yo-yo

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