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Here’s another collection of free brochure templates that I’ve illustrated for you. These nature-themed templates can be used for any personal and academic projects. (No commercial use, please.) You may print these original templates for your homework, school reports, church flyers, and creative activities for kids.

Click on the images below to open up the high resolution versions of the brochure designs. If you plan on adding content to the brochure by hand, print both sides of the brochure onto one sheet of paper. Some printers can do this automatically, but others may require that you manually feed the paper. Once you’ve printed the brochure design, trim off the white margins. Then fold the brochure into thirds, and start writing in your information.

If you plan to use these free brochure designs as part of a personal project in Adobe InDesign or Photoshop, save the high resolution files to your computer. Then import them into a new page, and add text boxes for your content.

Free Brochure Template #1 – Nature/Tree Theme

This first printable brochure design is a cartoon background, where the brochure borders are made up of trees and grass. The tree on the left has a cartoon owl in it, and the tree on the right is home to a cartoon squirrel. Jpeg Format.

tri fold brochure design

This second brochure design is just like the first, except there aren’t any divider trees in the middle. I suggest using this page for the interior of your brochure.

free brochure template

Free Brochure Template #2 – Prehistoric Theme

I created this border a while ago for a history printable about woolly mammoths. With a bit of editing in Photoshop, I transformed it into another fun brochure template. I imagine this one will be popular for school earth science projects, social studies crafts, and anything related to dinosaurs, prehistory, cavemen and paleontology.

blank brochure design

Here is the interior page for the printable brochure, which could also be used as a certificate template or page border.

free brochure template

Free Brochure Template #3 – Winding Vines

The final brochure template on this page features many hand drawn vines. This printable template would be fitting with crafts relating to fairy tales, storytelling, and environmental awareness.

floral brochure border

The interior page for the brochure design, for your main content.

brochure illustration

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