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Blank Board Game Template Printables | Make Your Own Board Game

Make your own board game using a blank board game template! On this page you’ll find 6 unique board game templates in black and white and color. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, students sometimes have to make their own board games as part of a Language Arts or Social Studies assignment. Drawing a game board by hand can be tricky, and for that reason I’ve created this set of blank game boards for kids, students and teachers to print.

Blank Board Game Templates

Download the game board you like best, and print it onto sturdy card stock paper. On the blank game tiles, write what happens to a player when he or she lands on it, or create cards and ask players to draw a card. Students are welcome to print these printable game boards for a school project such as a book report or history assignment. Click on a board game template to open its PDF version in your browser.

board game templateboard game template blank board game templateblank-game-board-template-printable-350

commercial-use-info-iconTo Book Publishers and Other Professionals: If you would like to purchase a non-exclusive commercial license for this image, to use in a publication, you may do so at the Online Store.

Blank Board Game TemplateBlank Board GamePrintable Board Game TemplateBoard Game Template

Game Board TemplateFree Printable Board Game TemplateBlank Game Board TemplatePrintable Game Board Template

Printable Dice Templates

Don’t have any dice for your game? No problem, you can make those yourself too! Click the image below to download your dice template, or visit my Dice Templates post.

printable dice template




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