T is for Turtle | Letter T Coloring Page

By Tim van de Vall on 01/12/2016

Learning how to read isn’t easy. To help make the task a bit more enjoyable for kids, I’m creating a free printable alphabet booklet. For the letter T, we have T is for Turtle. Kids can color the black and white version themselves. If your son or daughter would rather have the color version, download the printable on the right. Both pages have been saved in PDF format. Click either image to open the PDF file in your browser.
t is for turtle coloring page t is for turtle

T is for Turtle, but What Else Starts with T?

Here are a few other common words that begin with the letter T, which your child might know:

Tea, Teddy Bear, Television, Three, Tiger, Tooth, Tractor, Train, Triangle, Tree, Truck, Turkey, Two

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