Printable Superhero Mask Templates for Birthday Parties

Without his mask, a superhero is just a mild-mannered guy. So if your child is having a birthday, and you want to make him feel special, let him wear a mask. Of course, wearing a mask only makes sense if you’re throwing a superhero birthday party. I guess the birthday theme has been chosen!

On this page you will find 5 printable superhero mask templates. Print them out for an upcoming birthday party. These superhero masks may also be used for any other personal events and activities, including church events, masquerades, Mardi Gras Parties etc.

The template is available in five colors: white, black, blue, green, and red.

Superhero Mask Template – Black and White

This is a basic mask template. Kids can color it, or use it as a stencil, in order to create a foam mask or cardboard mask.

superhero mask template black and white

Superhero Mask Template – Black

Ah, the classic black superhero mask. Worn by many superheroes. My favorite superhero that wears this mask would be Robin.

superhero mask printable

Superhero Mask Template – Blue

If you wear a blue hoodie and print out this blue superhero mask, you’ll be on your way to becoming Captain America.

superhero birthday party


Superhero Mask Template – Green

Here’s a cool green superhero mask, just like the one worn by Green Lantern.

printable superhero masks

Superhero Mask Template – Red

Look just like DC Comics’ The Flash with this flashy red superhero mask.

diy superhero mask craft

DIY Superhero Mask Craft Ideas

Before you print a color version of the mask, I suggest you print the black and white outline template first. Make sure it fits well on your face (or your child’s face.) If not, you can resize the image in your printer settings if you open the template in an image viewing program such as Preview or Image Viewer. (You may not be able to scale the image if you’re printing directly from your browser.)

Once you’ve got the mask to fit, you can fasten it using elastic. Alternatively, you can cut strips of paper and tape them together with scotch tape.

For a more durable mask, use thick cardstock paper, foam, or cardboard.

A Few Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Are you hosting superhero theme party for your young one? In case you need a bit of creative inspiration, here are some cool ideas you can use to help make your party a memorable blast.

1. DIY superhero masks for all attendees: Create masks for all the kids. Let everyone at the party create their own mask. Then let them come up with their own superhero names, and decide on their super powers. And if you have any old sheets lying around, you can also create a set of superhero capes for the kids.

2. A test of strength: A test of strength is a routine challenge any superhero must face. Split up the kids and let them test their own strength with a friendly game of tug-of-war.

3. A superhero movie: As the party draws to a close, and parents are arriving to pick up their kids, turn on a superhero movie to entertain the remaining children.


I hope you have a great superhero party, and will enjoy your new superhero masks. If this post was helpful to you, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks! – Tim

My career as superhero in 1990.



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