Printable Space Activities for Kids

By Tim van de Vall on 05/05/2018

Space, galaxies, aliens, stars, the universe! Find all this and more in this diverse collection of free printable space activities for kids.

Whether your child is just starting preschool, or nearing the end of his elementary school education, there’s bound to be a printable in this lot that he or she will enjoy. There are space coloring pages, space mazes, solar system planet cut outs, drawing tutorials, and more.

Take a look below!

Printable Space Activities for Kids

Is there anybody out there? That’s the title of the first worksheet. Ask you kids/students whether or not they think aliens exist. Then have them draw an alien in the space provided. The second worksheet contains an astronaut template for kids to complete. Let them draw their own faces in the space helmets.

alien drawing activityastronaut template

Next we have a coloring page of an alien explorer. He’s looking out over his new territory, excited by the mysteries he will uncover. In the fourth worksheet, we have a series of space fun facts for kids. The narrator for this worksheet is George Ergo, from the comic strip Ergo.

alien coloring page space facts for kids

In this next set of space activities for kids, your students can learn how to draw an astronaut and and alien. In just 9 steps, they’ll have a completed drawing in their hands!

how to draw an astronaut draw an alien

And here we have a set of 4 printable space mazes. These are great for kids in elementary school and early middle school.

space activities for kids space printables science activities for kids alien printables

Space Shuttle Coloring Pages

Now for some information about the space shuttle, and 2 space shuttle coloring pages. Though the space shuttle may be retired, it’s still a historically significant vehicle, and as of 2017, NASA still hasn’t produced a replacement. (slackers) Below the printables you’ll find an “Ergo” comic strip addressing this issue:)

space shuttle facts science coloring pages space coloring page for kids

space comic strip

Math in Space! Worksheets for Preschoolers

Here are a few space-themed math worksheets for kids. They’re simple counting worksheets for preschoolers and kindergartners.

science worksheet first grade science activity for kids space math worksheet space activities for kids

Space Coloring Pages

Last but not least, animals in space! Color the space walking giraffe, the moon car riding rhino, Buzz Aldrin’s space chimp, or the space shark.

space coloring page for kidsspace activity space printables for kids space printable






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