Flower Petal Templates

Download these free flower petal template shapes and create your own paper flowers. These flower petals come in a range of sizes. Choose the size you want, and make tiny flowers, or enormous flowers. If you’re making this craft with your kids, your kids can decorate and color the petals. Don’t feel like coloring? Just print on colored paper.

If you want sturdy petal shapes that will last a long time, print these templates onto heavy card paper. Want a center for your flower, to paste the flower petals around? Then download one of my circle templates! Each template is available as a printable PDF, which you can view in your browser and download. Good luck with your craft project!

Free Printable Flower Petal Templates

Flower Petal printables
1-Inch Flower Petal Printables
Flower Petal shapes for kids
2-Inch Flower Petal Printables
printable flower petal stencils
3-Inch Flower Petal Printables
Flower Petal printable sheet
4-Inch Flower Petal Printables
blank Flower Petal template
5-Inch Flower Petal Shape
Flower Petal shape stencil
6-Inch Flower Petal Shape
Flower Petal outline
7-Inch Flower Petal Stencil
Flower Petal Templates / Flower Petal Shape Printables
8-Inch Flower Petal Stencil

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4 thoughts on “Flower Petal Templates”

    1. Jacqueline Printy

      I know you posted few months ago but there are – 1000’s of instructions on Pinterest, YouTube, and Google. That is how I found this site for the petal template. Also download the circle templates too for a base if you haven’t already.

  1. Jacqueline Printy

    Thank you for the templates! I downloaded all of them! My girls are gonna be excited especially the youngest she can make the unicorn crown now.

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