Free reindeer clipart, template & printable coloring pages for kids

By Tim van de Vall on 12/05/2013

Reindeer are an important part of popular Christmas tradition. That’s why we’ve been busy creating reindeer clipart, reindeer templates, and printable reindeer coloring pages for kids. We hope that these free printables and activities will help make your Christmas season even brighter. Each of these images is free for personal and educational use only. Commerical use is prohibited.

Now little drummer boy, a drum roll for our Christmas gift…free reindeer clipart! Isn’t he an adorable fella? While his brain isn’t as bright as his nose, his heart is pure and he does have the ability to fly. Give him a good home, with plenty of treats. He’s particularly fond of candy canes. (Warning: He’s not potty trained.) Feel free to paste him on Christmas cards to friends and family, church posters, and flyers.

Reindeer Clipart
This is Rudolph’s less accomplished cousin, Fabio. He flies but has no sense of direction. His nose glows but sometimes it short-circuits. He’s not a leader or a follower, and the other reindeer don’t appreciate that. He licks himself in inappropriate places. Then he licks your face.

Calling all kids who love to color! Feast your eyes on this printable Christmas coloring page. Warm up your printer, boys and girls, and get ready to add some Crayola life to this merry beast of burden. (And what a burden it is! I mean, Santa must weight at least 300 pounds. And then you’ve got the weight of the sled, plus the weight of all the Christmas presents in the whole world. In the words of Paul McCartney, “Boy, you’ve got to carry that weight, carry that weight a long time!”)

Reindeer coloring page

reindeer ornaments printable

reindeer printables

reindeer dot-to-dot





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