Halloween Cut and Paste Craft

By Tim van de Vall on 10/24/2018

halloween cut and paste


Halloween’s around the corner. George, Tessa, and Arrowbot are busy creating Halloween decorations, transforming their home into a scary haunted house. 

Let’s join them! 

Halloween Cut and Paste Craft

Today we’re making a cut and paste skeleton craft. 

There are 6 sheets to print, filled with various skeleton bones, skulls and Halloween props.

To get started, download and print the PDF project files. 

For this project you will also need: scissors, brass tacks, crayons, markers or coloring pencils, and string. 

When everything is printed, you should have 6 sheets in front of you: 

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Cut out the pieces you like best. 

 My skeleton’s going to have a robot head, like in Terminator. 

My skeleton is going to be a witch. I’m adding a witch hat, a broom, and a black cat. 

Is it a famous witch, or just the generic kind? 

Undead Professor McGonagall. 

 I’m going to make a pirate mummy.  

Now it’s time to color! 


I’m coloring with crayons. 

Not to be outdone. I’m coloring my skeleton with acrylic paint. 

Not every craft needs to be an artwork, Tess. 

I disagree. By definition, everything I touch is art. 

If that’s true, then there’s no need to try your best.

Fine. I want to use acrylic because I want to use acrylic.

That’s the best reason.

Okay, the pieces are cut out and colored. Let’s get down to brass tacks. 

 Did you know that brass tacks were used in the 1800s to spell out names on coffins? 

These aren’t brass tacks, they’re brass fasteners. 

Let’s get down to brass fasteners. Doesn’t work. 

Doesn’t flow either. 


Do you think if I melted down enough of these brass fasteners I could make a saxophone? 

That should be our next art craft. Make your own saxophone. 

The fasteners are fastened. Now I’ll just loop a bit of string through the head, and…Ta Daa!! All done. 

Me too! 

Let’s go show Mom and Dad. 

You made these? They’re wonderful! 

 Terminator paper craft. Nice…

I want to make one. 

Me too. 

Okay, when you’re done coloring, add the brass tacks. 


Happy Halloween everyone! 

halloween craft

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