Progress Report – November 2017

By Tim van de Vall on 11/08/2017

Hi Everyone,

There’s a lot going on at Tim’s Printables this November, so I thought I’d share a few new things as they roll out.

Here’s what I’ve been working on.

1) 11/8/17 – I finished up a fraction addition worksheet generator. You can view the working demo here. 11/16/17 Update: This is currently back down due to changes being made.

2) I wrote an Adobe Illustrator script that lets me easily create connect the dots printables. Using this new tool I’ve created a t-rex dot-to-dot, a Christmas tree dot-to-dot, and a gingerbread man dot-to-dot. Using this same tool, I also created an extreme dot to dot of the Mona Lisa, which you can buy on Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s got over 600 dots to connect!

3) I recently added a comic strip section to the website. Here I’m showcasing my new comic strip, Ergo. You can also read Ergo here.

4) I bundled all my Language Arts printables together into a single convenient PDF download. You can purchase it at Teachers Pay Teachers.

5) On 11/6/17 I published the post, “How to Draw Santa Claus.” Print this and learn how to draw old Saint Nick in 8 easy steps.

6) 11/8/17 – Added a fraction subtraction worksheet generator. You can see it here.

7) 11/13/17 – Published the post, “Printable Acrostic Poem for Thanksgiving“.

8) /11/15/16 – Added four new math worksheet generators to Teachers Pay Teachers: Adding Fractions Worksheet Maker, Subtracting Fractions Worksheet Maker, Multiplying Fractions Worksheet Maker, Dividing Fractions Worksheet Maker. Do you like the covers on the worksheet generators? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


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