Star Templates PDF Bundle – Black & White

All of Tim’s Printables black and white printable star templates in one easy-to-download PDF file. This printable star shapes will come in handy various creative cut and paste activities with kids. Download them for a Fourth of July art project, a sewing/quilting craft, or art project with your children.

Star Templates PDF Contents

This PDF contains 10 pages:

  1. 0.5 inch stars
  2. 1 inch stars
  3. 1.5 inch stars
  4. 2 inch stars
  5. 4 inch stars
  6. 5 inch stars
  7. 6 inch stars
  8. 7 inch star template
  9. 8 inch star template
  10. stars – various sizes

Print at full size to that the star shapes remain to scale.

Feel free to share how you used these star shape printables in the comments section below.

Categories: Geometric Shape Templates, Stars
Tags: star

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