Tim’s Printables Magazine – Issue 1, Page 01

It’s late August as I’m writing this, at a little pet-friendly cafe in Amsterdam called Drover’s Dog. My dog is relaxing beside my chair, content with the cookie that came with the morning coffee. My head is full of ideas, and today is a special day. Because today, quite spontaneously, I have decided to start this magazine.

As an extension of the educational materials at Tim’s Printables, (www.timvandevall.com), the main audience for this magazine will be children. It’s going to be filled with fun activities for elementary school kids. However, I imagine older kids and also adults will enjoy this magazine too, because of all the comic strips and games inside. Like the best animated films, it will have something for everyone, young and old.

I sincerely thank you for your patronage, and hope you and your loved ones will enjoy this work.


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