Star Templates Sheet

Print a free star templates sheet and decorate posters, classroom walls, and artworks. This star sheet is just one of many cut and paste templates you’ll find on Tim’s Printables. Each has been created with kids in mind, to help them have fun, be creative, and stay curious. You can download it by clicking the download button at the bottom of the page.

Browse through the collection of printable arts and crafts materials. Download and print the sheets you like. Then hand your kids a large blank sheet of paper, some crayons, a glue stick, and some scissors, and see what they come up with.

This star templates sheet is free for personal and education purposes.

Make Your Own Constellations Activity

An Ergo Chat Story

Ergo Chat Stories feature the characters from my comic strip, Ergo.

George: Today, we’re going to explore the universe! The universe of our imagination.

Tessa: Here’s the construction paper. And the glue stick and scissors.

Arrowbot: I’ve got the crayons.

George: Ok guys, when you look up at the sky, what do you see?

Arrowbot: Stars?

George: And what else?

Tessa: Birds?

George: It’s night time.

Tessa: Bats?

George: Yes, but I’m talking about something else.

Arrowbot: Airplanes?

George: No.

Tessa: Powerlines?

Arrowbot: Skyscrapers? Clouds? The moon?

George: No, no! Constellations. You see constellations. 

Tessa: Ah…okay. Yeah, those too.

George: Well, today we’re going to invent our own constellations using these star templates I printed.

Arrowbot: Cool, I like this project idea!

Tessa: Me too. Let’s get started.

[George, Tessa, and Arrowbot start cutting and pasting the starts to make their own constellations. After the stars were pasted, they each drew lines between the stars and shared the story of their creation.]

Arrowbot: What’d you guys make?

Tessa: My constellation is called…The Astro Duck! This is the duck that flies between the stars, carrying messages to and from alien planets. He’s a messenger moon mallard!

George: A daring Cosmo Drake! My constellation is called… The Nautilus! Named after the famous submarine of Captain Nemo, this star collection represents the starship I will one day build to take us into the final frontier!

Arrowbot: And I call my original work… The Hunter! In one hand he has his club, and in the other hist trusty bow! He-

George: Wait, wait. That’s not original.

Tessa: That’s Orion.

Arrowbot: What?

George: You’re describing Orion, the Greek warrior, and one of the most famous real constellations.

Arrowbot: This already exists? Darn. Okay fine. In that case I’ll start over.

George: What are you making now?

Arrowbot: Another new constellation, representing the hunter’s trusty companion, the Dog. I call it…Canis Major!

Tessa to George: Should we tell him?

George: I suppose there really is nothing new under the sun.

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