Triceratops Coloring Page

Print a free triceratops coloring page for your kids. The coloring page depicts a mother triceratops with her young. Below you can also read an Ergo Chat Story starring George, Tessa, Arrowbot and Rick.

You can download this printable by clicking HERE, or by clicking the large green ‘download printable’ button at the bottom of the page. All content on this site may be downloaded for personal and educational purposes only. Thanks guys!

The Triceratops Coloring Page

An Ergo Chat Story

[Rick walks down from his attic workplace. Tessa and Arrowbot are at the kitchen table, busy coloring at triceratops coloring page together.

Rick: Guys, there’s more paper in the printer. Printing a second triceratops coloring page won’t break the bank.

Tessa: We know. But we like coloring a single sheet together.

Arrowbot: We take turns, and when the coloring page is finished, we both sign it together.

Tessa: It’s called collaborative art.

[George walks in from his basement lab.]

George: Collaborative art. That sounds pretty communist to me.

Rick: People working together isn’t communist, George.

George: Coulda fooled me. Why don’t you guys compete to see who makes the nicest coloring page? And whoever’s coloring page is the best, wins!

Tessa: Because then someone has to lose.

George: It’s a dog-eat-dog world, Tess.

Tessa: Not when it comes to coloring pages.

Arrowbot: By the way George, capitalism isn’t all about competition, either. Within the competitive units, there must be immense cooperation in order to gain any advantage.

Rick: And, since we’re all part of the family unit, there’s no need to compete with your sister and your – uh…

Arrowbot: How do I fit into the family, Rick?

Rick: Well, technically, George created you.

Arrowbot: So George is my father?

George: No.

Arrowbot: Rick, how would you define our relationship?

Rick: Somewhere between son and family dog.

Tessa: Ouch.

Rick: I don’t mean that harshly. I love McFluff.

Tessa: Do you love McFluff more than me?

Rick: No…

George: Ha! Who’s competing now?

Tessa: (Sigh…) Grab some crayons and help me color this triceratops.

Tim’s Comments

Lately I’ve started writing these little chat stories with the characters from my comic strip, Ergo. In each one, I’m imagining how my characters would interact with the printables I’m creating. This exercise is helping me better understand their personalities, and allows me to envision natural dialogues the Ergo family would have. Unlike a comic strip, which attempts to have a funny punch line at the end of each comic, these Chat stories ebb and flow like a normal conversation. There may be some funny bits, the purpose is to give people an immersive sense of the daily life in the Ergo household.

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