Dot-to-Dot ebook Volume 1

Dot-to-Dot Volume 1 combines 12 Tim’s Printables dot-to-dots into an easy-to-print booklet. For this volume, I’ve selected only animal dot-to-dots. Snazzy cover and answer keys are included.


1. Alligator Dot-to-Dot
2. Butterfly Dot-to-Dot
3. Dinosaur Dot-to-Dot
4. T.Rex Skull Dot-to-Dot
5. Duck Dot-to-Dot
6. Elephant Dot-to-Dot
7. Frog Dot-to-Dot
8. Killer Whale Dot-to-Dot
9. Parrot Dot-to-Dot
10. Squirrel Dot-to-Dot
11. Rhinoceros Dot-to-Dot
12. Tiger Dot-to-Dot

Categories: Dot-to-Dots, eBooks
Subjects: Art
Themes: Animals

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