Tim's Printables


Here you’ll find a collection of science printables to teach and entertain kids. Most of them have to do with space travel, since I like to draw space ships, aliens and sci-fi stuff. Of course drawing of aliens and sci-fi isn’t exactly science, but hopefully they’ll inspire kids to take an interest in science and technology.

Alien Coloring Page
I am an Astronaut
Alien Drawing Activity
Space Facts for Kids
Six Simple Machines Worksheet
Simple Machines Worksheet
Simple Machine Examples Worksheet
Frog Life Cycle Worksheet
Frog Life Cycle Cut & Paste
Frog Life Cycle Cut & Paste
Life Cycle of a Frog
Life Cycle of a Frog
Brain Diagram – Blank – Color
Brain Diagram – Blank
Brain Diagram – Blank – BW
Brain Diagram – Unlabeled – BW
Brain Diagram – Unlabeled – Color
Brain Diagram – Unlabeled
Brain Diagram – Labeled
Brain Diagram – Labeled – BW
Brain Diagram – Labeled – Color