100 Question Answer Sheet

So you’re looking for a free printable 100 question answer sheet. Well, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you find a pdf containing two 100 question answer sheets. 

Included in the top margin of each one is a small cartoon character with a few encouraging words for the kids. After all, why should tests be such a solemn, serious affair? Chances are, students will do a lot better if they relax a little and view exams or quizzes as a game or challenge. Perhaps the cartoon characters will help get that concept across. 

The first 100 question answer sheet contains a cartoon owl who’s hooting, “You can do this!” The second 100 question answer sheet has a bear in the margin, who growls, “I believe in you.” 

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100 Question Answer Sheet PDF Contents

The image gallery below shows the content of the PDF.

To download, simply press the large green ‘download printable’ button. The PDF will then load in your browser. From there, you can send it to your printer, or save it to your computer. 

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