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In order to gain a basic understanding of numbers, kids need to learn a few different ways to write them. In this post, we will cover standard notation, expanded notation, and number word name examples. Once your students are familiar with these topics, let them practice by printing the standard and expanded notation worksheets PDF. (Page 1 and 2 contain math problems. The answer key is included on the third page.) I’ve decorated each page with original hand-drawn art. This worksheet is available only to Tim’s Printables members. 

To download a worksheet, please click the worksheet images below, or the text link beneath the second worksheet. 

Standard & Expanded Notation Worksheet

expanded notation worksheet

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Standard Notation Example

Standard Notation is simply the number itself. The standard notation for the number four is ‘4’. The standard notation for the number ninety-five is ’95’.

Number Word Name Notation: Three hundred twenty-five

Standard Notation: 325

Expanded Notation Example

When using expanded notation, you break up a number into its components. The expanded notation for 84 is ‘8 tens + 4 ones’:

Standard Notation: 4,521

Expanded Notation: 4 thousands + 5 hundreds + 2 tens + 1 one

Number Word Name Example

The word name of a number means the number written using words. The number word name for ‘942’ is ‘nine hundred forty-two’.

Standard Notation: 65,930

Word Name: Sixty-five thousand, nine hundred thirty

Source: Keedy/Bittinger Basic Mathematics, 6th Edition. (Pages 3-7)

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I hope these standard and expanded notation worksheets are useful to you and your students! Please browse the rest of the Printables Library for more math worksheets and activities. If you and your kids liked this content, please leave a comment. Finally, if you haven’t joined Tim’s Printables yet, you can become a member by clicking here. Thanks and have a wonderful day!



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