Printable Yellow Lined Paper

Hot off the digital press, here’s a set of printable yellow lined paper. It’s like regular lined paper, but…yellow. Furthermore and more importantly,  you can download and print it for free! That’s right folks, FREE, the best price of all. This is especially nice if you have free access to a school or university printer – then it’s REALLY free, as opposed to sorta free, since you’d still have to pay for ink and paper. Anyway, there are two different sheets available: The standard portrait 8.5×11 sheet, and the landscape 8.5×11 sheet. Print the one you like best, or print them both. The spacing between the lines is 0.375 inches. If you want wider or narrower lines, scale the PDF in your printer settings.

Why is some paper yellow anyway? Legal pads are usually yellow. I’ve heard the reason is that the yellow is less glaring on your eyes. Maybe that’s true. I don’t think I’m gonna look it up. So that’s kind of a half-baked fun fact there. Oh well.

Printable Yellow Lined Paper

Click on a sheet of the yellow lined paper.  Assuming you have a moderately up-to-date browser, the PDF copy of the page will open. From menu above, you’ll be able to download and print.

printable yellow lined paper

printable yellow lined paper

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