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Blank Comic Strip Templates | Free Printable Comic Strip PDFs

Do love newspaper comic strips, like Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield and Dilbert? If you do, then you may be interested in making your own comic strip series to share with your friends. Here is a collection of blank comic strip templates to help you get started. I use these templates for my own cartoons.

There are several different templates to choose from, and each version has particular benefits. The dimensions of the comic strips have the ratio 13:4, which is the standard for newspaper strips in the USA. They have been saved as PDFs and are vector-based, so they are scalable.

Blank Comic Strip Templates

This first set contains eight basic comic strip templates. Each template has between one and five panels. Click on the images below to open the PDFs in your browser.
3 Panel Comic Strip Template4 Panel Comic Strip TemplateBlank Comic Strip Template2 Panel Comic Strip Template5 Panel Cartoon Template3 Panel Comic Template3 Panel Blank Comic Template3 Panel Blank Comic Strip

Comic Strip Kid

Comic Strip Templates with Lines for Dialogue

These comic strips have light, non-photo blue lines to help you write dialogue for your characters.
3 Panel Comic Strip with Dialogue Lines4 Panel Comic Strip Template
Comic Strip TemplatePrintable Comic Strip Template
5 Panel Comic Strip Template with Dialogue Lines3 Panel Comic Strip Template with Dialogue Lines
3 Panel Comic Strip Template3 Panel Comic Strip Template Printable

Comic Strip Templates with a Grid

Here are some comic strip templates with a grid overlay, to help you draw perspective and inorganic objects such as houses and automobiles.

Comic Strip Templates with an Isometric Grid

Finally, this set of comic strips has an isometric grid overlay. This will allow you to draw a comic strip from an isometric perspective, which could be interesting to try out.

Printable Speech Bubbles to Go with Your Comic Strip

Here is a zip file containing several speech bubbles. If you’re making a comic on the computer, you can drop these into Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. If you’re working with pencil and paper, scale the speech bubbles to the size you need and print them out. Click on the image below to download the file.

Speech Bubble Pack Overview

Activity Ideas for Parents and Teachers

Girl Drawing Comic StripHere are some sample activities and instructions to use along side the comic strip templates. I have included ideas for several different subjects.

1. Think back to a funny moment in your life. Write down what happened, and then make a three or four panel comic strip telling the story.

2. Draw a funny event. Include speech bubbles, but leave the speech bubbles blank. When your drawing is done, trade your comic strip with a neighbor’s. Your neighbor will write text for your comic strip, and you will write text for theirs. When you’re both done, share your results.

3. Cut and paste photos or pictures from a magazine to make a comic strip.

4. Language Arts: Choose a scene from a book you’re reading and turn it into a comic strip.

5. Social Studies: Draw a comic strip showing a historical event.

6. Science: Draw the steps of an experiment as a comic strip.

7. Math: Visualize the steps for solving a word problem by drawing it as a comic strip.

8. Using the three panel comic strip, draw a self portrait. In the first panel, draw yourself as you look today. In the next panel, draw yourself as you’ll look in ten years. In the last panel, draw yourself as you’ll look in twenty-five years.

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