November 2018 Newsletter

By Tim van de Vall on 11/16/2018

November is a month to be thankful, and I am thankful to you. Thanks to your subscription to Tim’s Printables, I have the chance to educate and inspire children all over the world. 

To celebrate this holiday, I’ve put together a Thanksgiving activity ebook, which you can download via the following link:  

Thanksgiving Activity Book Download – PDF


1-Thanksgiving Word Search
2-Thanksgiving Dot-to-Dot
3-Turkey Dot-to-Dot
4-Cornucopia Dot-to-Dot
5-Turkey Addition Color-by-Numbers
6-Thanksgiving Spot the Difference 
7-Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem Template
8-William’s Thanksgiving Hunt Story

This is the first edition of the Thanksgiving Activity book. Each year, as the season draws near, I will update it, adding new content and illustrations. 

Important November News

November also marks the month when Tim’s Printables has started its transition from a purely ad-based website to a subscription-based model.

Access to Tim’s Printables now requires a low cost monthly or yearly subscription, which many of you already have. You can upgrade your subscription here. 

New Printables 

If you visit the Printables Library, you will also discover a few new Printables that aren’t Thanksgiving themed. 

  1. Cave of Wonder Maze – A challenging Aladdin-inspired maze for older elementary school students. 
  2. Number Coloring Pages eBooklet – A PDF coloring booklet with the numbers one through ten. 
  3. Finish the Drawing – Draw a Dragon! – Draw a dragon behind the buried treasure horde.

Technical Issue: Download Response Speed

Lately I have noticed an issue regarding the download response speed in some browsers. I have changed some settings, and think I may have resolved the issue, but I am not yet sure. 

If you experience any problems with downloading, could you please let me know? That feedback would be extremely helpful. Thanks! 

That wraps up the November newsletter!

Until next month, 


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