N is for Narwhal | Letter N Coloring Page

By Tim van de Vall on 01/08/2016

Not many animals start with the letter N, so for this printable, I had to go with a rather obscure creature, the narwhal. So, here’s another page for your homemade alphabet book, the N is for Narwhal. Unlike unicorns, which also sport the fashionable horn, the Narwhal is quite real. Their horn or tusk is actually a very long tooth. Unfortunately this natural saber is not used for sword fight against pirates. It’s more like an antennae. It picks up information about the narwhal’s surroundings, and then sends it to the narwhal’s brain.

Anyway, this printable is available in both black and white for kids who like to color, and in full color, for kids who don’t like to color. Both have been saved as PDFs. Click on the images below to download a 2 dimensional narwhal.

n is for narwhal letter n n is for narwhal

N is for Narwhal, but What Else Begins with N?

Here are a few more common items that begin with letter N, which your child might know:

Napkin, Neck, Necklace, Necktie, Nest, Net, Newspaper, Nickel, Night, Nine, Nose, Numbers, Nuts

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