Letter C Worksheets

By Tim van de Vall on 02/23/2016

The printables for today are a set of free Letter C Worksheets for preschoolers. In the first worksheet, your young students can practice writing the letter C in uppercase and lower case. In the second worksheet, students have to circle the pictures that begin with the letter C.

Each worksheet features my original art. Most of the art is from clip art packs I’ve made in the past, but some of it has a more unique backstory. The chicken on the bottom of the page comes from an old comic strip I created a few years ago. The shark picture is featured on signs near beaches in Australia. Anyway, thanks for your visit. If you enjoy these freebies, please like Tim’s Printables on Facebook, or follow me on Pinterest.

To print, please click a worksheet image, or the text link beneath the worksheet.

Printable Letter C Worksheets

Letter C Worksheets

letter c worksheet

c is for cat

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