Letter A Worksheets

Help your child learn about the letter A with these free printable Letter A Worksheets for preschool kids. There are five free worksheets to print. The first one is a letter tracing worksheet. In the second worksheet, kids have to circle the objects that start with the letter A. Next we have three alphabet coloring printables: A is for Apple, A is for Ant, and A is for Alligator. All the worksheets feature my own hand drawn illustrations.

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Finally, be sure to visit my Alphabet Printables page for more worksheets and printables for your kids!

Printable Letter A Worksheets

Letter A Worksheets

Letter A Worksheets

Create a Alphabet Book let by printing one of the letter A coloring pages below.

a is for apple printable

a is for ant

A is for Alligator

You can also print a ready-made Alphabet booklet here.

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