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About Tim van de Vall

An Introduction

tim230x230Hi, I’m Tim van de Vall. I make a living creating comics, and am the author of the digital comic book series, “The Adventures of Chartwell.” Some comic books are created by teams, with a writer, penciler, inker, colorist, and letterer, but I do all these things by myself. I guess I’m a bit of a comic book one-man band.

As I create, I learn, and in order to share what I’ve learned, I’ve started this site, “Creating Comics with Tim van de Vall.”  Here I provide tutorials, resources, and ideas on how to reach your full potential as a comic book creator.

My Goals

I believe that having goals is very important. Here are mine.

Long-Term Broad Goals

  1. Create and publish comic books.
  2. Make the world a better place by helping people.

Long-Term Specific Goals

  1. Self-publish the digital comic book series, “The Adventures of Chartwell.”
  2. Share what I’ve learned with other artists and writers via my blog, “Creating Comics with Tim van de Vall.”

A Short Timeline of my Life

1987: Born in the Netherlands.
1988: Started drawing
1989: Discovered Batman
1991: Discovered Asterix & Obelix
1991: Moved to United States
1996: Discovered Calvin and Hobbes
1998: Started drawing comics
2006: Went to Georgia Tech
2010: Started Dutch Renaissance Press

About Dutch Renaissance Press

Dutch Renaissance Press is a digital publisher of all-ages comic books and children’s books. Our goal is to entertain and enrich the lives of young people all over the world and inspire the themes of creativity, imagination, exploration and adventure.

Illustration and Inspiration

Here’s a few pictures that show everything I use on a regular basis. All this, coupled with my brain, somehow produces art.

The main ingredients: The Macbook Pro with CS6, Manga Studio and an internet connection. The Wacom Tablet. Tablets and devices to test on.

For sketching and traditional art. Pencils, Rulers, pens, nibs, brushes, more pencils.

Paper for drawing, writing, sketching, brainstorming, record keeping, tracing.

Reference materials.

Inspiration from my favorite graphic novels.

Inspiration for my favorite comic strips.

Inspiration from my favorite books.

Inspiration from my favorite movies.

Inspiration from my favorite music and video games.

Inspiration from my favorite canine, who wasn’t sure why he had to pose on a table but did want the treat next to the camera.



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