How to Draw! With Little Plastic Animals

By Tim van de Vall on 02/26/2019

Good morning, friends of Tim’s Printables! 

A lot’s been going on these last few weeks, I figured it was time for an update. 

This February I’ve focused on animal drawing tutorials. These have been a delight to draw. Here are some of the original sketches:  

animal sketches

As reference for these pictures, I bought a bunch of Safari Toobs from Michaels. Now I’ve got a whole collection of tiny plastic beasts. 

plastic animals

The result  turned into a little 12-page ebook called How to Draw Animals:  

how to draw animals

how to draw animals


By drawing from a 3d reference, as opposed to 2d images from books or Google, I was much better able to capture details of each animals I wouldn’t have noticed before. Take the humps on the rhino’s back, for instance. I never realized that rhinos were built like that, but when I drew it based on the figure, I thought, hey that does look right. 

And so, to apply this to your kids: 

If you kids love to draw, and are practicing a lot, take them to Michaels, a toy store, or other arts and crafts store. Let them pick out some high quality animals, to serve as models to draw from. Their drawing skills will improve, as will their ability to translate the 3d world into 2d on paper. 

And most importantly, it’s a really fun activity.

Finally, if you haven’t already downloaded How to Draw Animals, you can do so here. 

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