Halloween Templates – Spooky Spiders and Spider Webs

Bring Halloween to your classroom with this exciting collection of spider web templates and creepy, spooky spiders. Prepare your school for an epic Halloween party that will delight both students and staff.

spider templates

This PDF packet includes 27 pages of content that you can use to decorate bulletin boards and make Halloween arts & crafts with your students.

It’s filled with spiders, spider webs, candy corn templates, pages borders, writing paper and more.

The images are included at various scales for your convenience. Since they are vector-based, they can also be scaled up and printed on large paper without losing any image resolution. 

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If you’ve got a color printer at school, the full-color versions will look great on bulletin boards and classroom doors.

Cut out the spiders, add a bit of tape, and paste them onto desks and chairs. Soon your classroom with be crawling with spiders. It’s what you’ve always wanted!

Or maybe your kids want to color! In that case, grab the crayons and let them all color the spiders and their webs.

For best results, print images on card stock. If you want to use them year after year, I recommend you laminate them. 

1 – Cover
2-3: Spiders – Color, Black & White
4-11: Spider Web Templates – Color
12-27: Large Spiders – Color, Black & White

Note: These printables may be used for personal and educational purposes only.

Spider Templates

Here are a few spider template pages from the packet:

Spider Web Templates

A few sample spider web templates:

Halloween Borders

I’ve also created a few Halloween borders using the spider templates. They’re also included in the packet.

Download Halloween Templates – Spooky Spiders and Spider Webs Packet PDF

Have a Great Halloween!

I hope these printables will help your classroom look amazing. Happy Halloween! – Tim


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