H is for Horse | Letter H Coloring Page

Teaching your kids the letters of the alphabet? On this page you’ll find a printable H is for Horse coloring page and poster. Download the version you like best.

Click one of the thumbnail images below to open the PDF version of the printable in your browser. From there you can save the PDF to your computer or send it to your printer.
H is for Horse Letter H Coloring Page H is for horse letter h coloring page

H is for Horse, but What Else Starts with H?

Here are a few common items your child will probably know which also begin with the letter H:
Hair, Ham, Hamburger, Hammer, Hamster, Hands, Hat, Hay, Head, Heart, Helicopter, Hen, Hiccups, Hippopotamus, Honey, Hose, Hot Dogs, Hour, House, Hundred


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