Geometric Shape Templates

Geometric shape templates can be useful for a wide variety of school projects and creative activities. Since it can be difficult to make these shapes without a program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, I’ve provided them for you here on this page. There are 18 shapes to choose from: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, heart, clover/clubs, crescent, star, rhombus/diamond, kite, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, and decagon.

Click the images below and you will be taken to the corresponding templates post. As always, I wish you the best with your creative projects, and hope to see you back again soon.

Geometric Shape Templates

Circle Geometric Shape Templates Square Rectangle Geometric Shape Templates

Triangle Geometric Shape Templates Parallelogram Trapezoid

Hearts Clubs / Shamrocks Crescents

Stars Diamonds Kites

Pentagons Hexagons Heptagons

Octagons Nonagons Decagons

10 thoughts on “Geometric Shape Templates”

  1. Thank you for these, they are excellent!! All I do is download, laminate and then cut the shapes. That way, they last a long time when being used.

  2. Thank you for these! I downloaded a bunch of these geometric shapes in the 3 inch sizes for a Christmas gift for my 3 year old boy. I needed templates for the felt board I’m making and these are the perfect sizes for his board!

  3. Brilliant shapes sheets – perfect for my low ability Year 8 Maths class to cut out and learn about tesselations – thank you!

  4. Thank You, Thank You, just what I needed for my next project. I’m making a small paper piced ball for my great granddaughter who is one. I’m using primary colors. dene

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