G is for Giraffe | Letter G Coloring Page

By Tim van de Vall on 01/07/2016

None of us were born scholars, were we? If your preschool son or daughter is learning the letters of the alphabet, here are 2 fun printables to help them learn, a G is for Giraffe coloring page and a G is for Giraffe printable poster. Perfect for early education classrooms. Teachers, you can print as many copies of these printables as you need for your classroom.

To download this free printable, click either thumbnail image below. The PDF version of the handout will open in your browser.

G is for giraffe letter g coloring page G is for Giraffe

G is for Giraffe, but What Else Starts with G?

Here are a few common items your child will probably know which also begin with the letter G:

Game, Garden, Girl, Globe, Goat, Gold, Goose, Gorilla, Grapes, Grasshopper, Green, Grey, Guitar, Gum

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