Subtracting 4 Worksheets

Practice subtraction with these free printable Subtracting 4 Worksheets. In each worksheet, kids will subtract the number 4. There are four worksheets available, and each worksheet contains 18 problems. These worksheets are great for first grade students learning how to subtract. Print them for homework assignments, test preparation, or extra practice for over the summer.

Choose any of the worksheet PDFs below. Each worksheet follows a similar structure, but the numbers are different. On the second page of every PDF is an answer key. Once the PDF loads in your browser, you can download it to your computer, or send it to your printer. Feel free to print as many as you need for your classroom.

Subtracting 4 Worksheet Subtracting 4 Worksheets

Download: Subtracting 4 Worksheet #1 – PDF
Download: Subtracting 4 Worksheet #2 – PDF
Download: Subtracting 4 Worksheet #3 – PDF
Download: Subtracting 4 Worksheet #4 – PDF



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