Adding 0 Worksheet

The concept of the number zero may be tricky for some young students. But who can blame them? After all, the ancient Romans didn’t even have a number zero in their numeral system. Fortunately, with a bit of extra practice, your first grader can become a math expert. On this page you’ll find a set of free printable Adding 0 Worksheets, providing your son or daughter with the review they need to excel in school.

Adding 0 Worksheet Adding 0 Worksheets

This worksheet contains 18 basic addition problems, where students have to add 0 to a number between 1 and 99. Each worksheet has been saved as a printable PDF, and the answer key is included on the second page. Teachers are welcome to print as many of these math worksheets as they need for their classroom.

Download: Adding 0 Worksheet #1 – PDF
Download: Adding 0 Worksheet #2 – PDF
Download: Adding 0 Worksheet #3 – PDF
Download: Adding 0 Worksheet #4 – PDF



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