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It’s fun to illustrate content for the holidays, and next big holiday is Easter. This means my drawing table is covered with sketches of Easter Bunnies and springtime clipart. For today’s post, I decided to create an Easter Dot-to-Dot Worksheet for kids, featuring the Easter Bunny on an Easter Egg Hunt. The recommended age for this printable is preschool through early elementary school. And while I drew this dot-to-dot mainly because I think kids will enjoy completing it, I also think it will have some educational value for young kids learning their numbers.

All the illustrations, printables and worksheets you find on Tim’s Printables are original work which I have created. I am providing it free of charge for personal and educational purposes, so that kids all over the world can have access to free high quality creative and educational materials. Teachers are welcome to print as many as they need for all the students in their classroom.

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Easter Dot-to-Dot Worksheet

Download Instructions: Click the Easter Dot-to-Dot Worksheet image below. The PDF version of the illustration will open in your browser.

Easter Dot-to-Dot Worksheet
Easter Dot-to-Dot Worksheet – PDF

Printable Easter Word Search

In addition to the Easter Dot-to-Dot worksheet, here are some other printables I drew earlier this month. Visit my post Printable Easter Word Search  for the answer key and black and white version.

Easter Word Search
Easter Word Search – Jpeg

Easter Bunny Coloring Page

Here’s another fun Easter Printable, and Easter Bunny Coloring Page! For more coloring pages featuring this magical rabbit, please visit my Easter Bunny Coloring Pages post.

Easter Bunny Coloring Page
Easter Bunny Coloring Page – Jpeg

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