E is for Elephant | Letter E Coloring Page

By Tim van de Vall on 01/06/2016

This page is for the very early learners in the audience, the little preschool tykes who are on taking their first brave steps into the complex world of writing and literature. Learning the letters is a fundamental step toward learning how to read, write, and in the end, becoming the next Michael Crichton, so in the spirit of Sesame Street, today’s letter is E. E is for Elephant, and on this page you can download a free E is for Elephant coloring page, or a free E is for Elephant poster.

Both have been saved in PDF format. Click a thumbnail below to download.

E is for Elephant Letter E Coloring Page E is for Elephant

E is for Elephant, but What Else Starts with E?

Here are a few common items your child will probably know which also begin with the letter E:

Eagle, Ears, Earth, Egg, Eight, Elbow, Elevator, Elf, Engine, Envelope, Eraser, Eskimo, Eye

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