Drawing Practice for Kids! Finish the Drawing Activities and Tutorials

By Tim van de Vall on 03/05/2019

Practice makes perfect, they say. Well, if your kids love to draw, and they want to improve, they’ve come to the right place! On this page you will find a collection of drawing activities for kids, specifically finish the drawing creative exercises, and drawing tutorials.

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Drawing Practice for Kids: Finish the Drawing Activities

Finish the drawing, a.k.a finish the doodle. These drawing exercises are fun for both kids and adults. Design your own book cover. Build a space station. Sketch a treasure chest, and illustrate a rocket. All it takes is a printer, a pencil, and a little imagination.

drawing practice for kids

finish the drawing activityfinish the doodlefinish the picture

Drawing Practice for Kids: How to Draw Animals

Looking for more drawing practice for kids? Then make sure you download the How to Draw Animals eBook! This fun activity PDF contains 12 step-by-step tutorials for your children to follow, just like the ones below.

In this eBooklet, learn how to draw the following creatures: armadillo, grasshopper, bear, camel, hippopotamus, Malayan tapir, mountain goat, hammerhead shark, toucan, elephant, seal, and rhinoceros.

Curious how this ebook came about? Read this post.

step-by-step drawing tutorialdrawing tutorials for kidseasy drawing tutorials for beginners

step-by-step drawing animals

Drawing Practice for Kids: Additional Activities

To conclude, here are few more or less random drawing activities I’ve pulled from the old printables archives. The first two are from a Three Little Pigs eBooklet I created.

drawing practice for kids

drawing practice for kids

finish the doodlefinish the drawing activity

cat drawing tutorialcat drawing tutorial

And if your kids can’t quite get their drawing to look right, just remember, practice makes perfect.

Want proof? Here’s a drawing from when I was a kid.

drawing practice for kids

Best of luck with your drawings! – Tim

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