10 Back to School Printables for Teachers!

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It’s back to school for students and teachers alike! That old yellow elementary school bus is a rollin’. To help everyone get a running start, here are 10 back to school printables for teachers. Let the countdown begin!

10. Five Senses Activity – New Sights, New Sounds, New Smells

A new school year. New sights, new sounds, new smells. The perfect opportunity to teach students about the five senses. Once they’re done with the worksheet, ask your students what new sights, sounds, smells and tastes they’ve discovered on their first day of school.

back to school printables


9. Number Coloring Pages – When Coloring and Math Collide!

Color ’em, cut ’em out and then decorate the classroom walls. These anthropomorphic numbers will delight your kiddos for sure! Contains numbers 1 through 10. And yes, number ten totally looks like a snail.


back to school printables


8. A Printable Alphabet Poster – Decorate the Walls!

A is for Apple. B is for Bear. C is for Cat. You know the drill, but you don’t yet have this colorful cartoon poster hanging in your classroom. Print this cheerful infographic and pin it on the wall. For best results, past onto sturdy paper and laminate.

back to school printables
Printable Alphabet Poster

7. Color by Numbers Sheet – Warm Up Activity

What kid doesn’t like to color? Back to school printables number 7: Reveal the dolphin scene by coloring the picture according to the crayon colors. A wonderful warm up activity for the first week of school.

back to school printables

6. Hidden Objects Activity – End of the Day Cool Down

It’s hide and seek in printable format. This Three Little Pigs printable is a sample from my Three Little Pigs Activity book on Teachers Pay Teachers. After a hard day of learning, allow the little ones to settle down with this activity based on a beloved fairy tale classic.

back to school printables

5. Space Maze – The New School Year Frontier!

Sometimes starting a new school year can seem a bit daunting for kids. New students, a new teachers, and new things to learn. There’s a lot of unknowns to face. In that sense, all kids are brave little explorers, just like the bold astronaut in this space maze.

back to school

4. Statue of Liberty –¬†Labor Day’s Around the Corner!

Eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation, eight hours of rest. Labor Day falls on the first Monday of September. Not that the kids really care what it’s all about. All that matters is No School!

The heart of the American economy is hard working citizens and residents, making this Statue of Liberty coloring page is a fitting icon for Labor’s Day.

labor day printable

3. Creative Writing Prompts – Spark those Original Thoughts

Learning how to write is one of the most important skills a child can learn, and it takes a lot of practice. One of the best things a language arts teacher can do for his/her kids is to have them keep a creative writing journal. Here’s a list of writing prompts to get started.

creative writing journal

2. Back to School Maze

The school bus is packed, and headed to the elementary school. Trace a path to the school building. Not only is this printable a fun activity in its own right, but it can also help younger students with their fine motor skills.

back to school maze

1. All About Me Worksheet – Get to Know Your Students

Here’s the last of my back to school printables!

A new school year, a new set of kids. Learn a bit about your new students with this fun back to school activity.

all about me worksheet


There you have it! 10 back to school printables for teachers. I hope these fun freebies will help you make an awesome start to the new school year.

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