Printable Haunted House Coloring Page

Print a free Haunted House Coloring Page! Grab your markers, crayons, and colored pencils! Color all the meticulous detail in this exciting Halloween Printable. Color Dracula, Frankenstein, the ghost, the mummy, the pumpkin and the evil tree.

This coloring page isn’t just for kids either! Lately, coloring has become a popular pastime for adults looking for a relaxing activity after work. So turn on your printer, download this haunted house coloring page and get started. And a Happy Halloween from Tim’s Printables.

Haunted House Coloring Page

haunted house coloring page

Download: Jpeg Version | Download: PDF Version

Yes, this house is truly haunted. A witch scorches across a pale full moon. In attic a morose ghost emits a ghastly screams. Venomous snakes slither down the chimney, beneath the floorboards, between the walls. The trees want to eat you. The host, a gaunt Transylvanian, wants to drink your blood for his evening repast. The weathered mummy, long departed from his Egyptian sarcophagus, now roams the hills and the graveyard, cursed by insanity, brought on by the worms in his brain. And towering above it all, Frankenstein’s monster. Watch out. He too, may be hungry. Welcome home.


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