crab coloring pages

Crab Coloring Pages

crabWhat does a cartoonist do when he takes a vacation to the beach? He starts drawing all kinds of ocean related pictures of course. And even though it’s the end of December when I’m publishing this, I’m in Florida and so it feels like summer. So for today’s printables post I came up with a set of cartoon crab coloring pages for kids.

Often when I draw, I like to draw a scene that hints toward a larger story, so that children can complete the story with their imaginations. I think this illustration accomplishes this.

Crab Coloring Pages for Kids

To download one of these crab coloring pages, right-click on the picture of your choice and press “Save Link As…” to save it to your computer.

Today’s coloring page tells the simple story of a trio of pirate crab brothers. They’ve just arrived on a desert island, and they’ve built a sand castle as shelter. They’re defending themselves against their nemesis…But who or what are they fighting? Manatees? Aquatic werewolves? That part of the story I leave up to the kids.

Crab Coloring Pages

Let’s zoom in the camera and get a closer look at these crabs. At the top you’ve got the oldest brother crab. Let’s call him Murray, a strong nautical name. And at the bottom left, that crustacean’s name is Barty. To the right, the crab with the cutlass, that’s Arty, short for arthropod.

Crab coloring pages

Murray gazes through his telescope toward the horizon. He’s on the look out for sinister sea enemies.

crab coloring page for kids

Barty stands guard, tensely awaiting, his claws poised and ready to strike.

free crab coloring page

Art scans the ocean to the east, wielding a weapon that’s even sharper than his own claws!

Printable Crab Coloring Page

As always, these crab coloring pages are free for personal and educational purposes only. Commercial use is prohibited. If you’d like to share this content, please do so by using a link. Saving this content and posting it on your own site is not allowed. Thanks for respecting these terms! – Tim

These crab coloring pages were illustrated by Tim van de Vall. They are copyright (c) Dutch Renaissance Press LLC.

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