Castle Coloring Pages for Kids

coloring pages of castlesPrint these exciting castle coloring pages for kids! The castles are spooky, and there are dragons too! Perfect for any child who likes medieval times, knights and fantasy.

Printable Castle Coloring Pages

castle coloring page

Castle Coloring Page

castle picturesHere’s a simple castle coloring page for preschool and early elementary school kids. Nothing too spooky, but still fun to color, with bold clear lines.

castle coloring pages

Castle with a Dragon #1

castles for kidsThis castle coloring page is for slightly older kids, and features a flying dragon or monster soaring past the castle walls.

fantasy coloring page

Castle with a Dragon #2

castle colouring pageIn this coloring page, an enormous fire-breathing dragon has surrounded an entire castle.

fantasy coloring page

Floating Castle Coloring Page

medieval coloring pagesColor this floating castle in the sky.

Related Coloring Pages

Here are a few coloring pages with a similar theme, that you and your kids may also enjoy.

dragon coloring page

Dragon Coloring Page

A cornered dragon spews fire at his enemies in this fantasy coloring page for kids.

dragon coloring page

Knight Coloring Page

A medieval knight on his quest for the Holy Grail.

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dragon coloring page

Cardboard Castle Craft

Print out a set of templates to construct a castle out of cardboard.

medieval printable

Counting Practice Worksheet #1

In this knight-themed worksheet, kids can practice counting up to 5.

medieval printable

Counting Practice Worksheet #2

In this worksheet, kids are asked to draw in the number of teeth as shown on each dragon.

medieval printable

Counting Practice Worksheet #3

In this worksheet, kids are asked to count the knight’s pet turtles.


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