Circle Templates

If you’re working on a creative craft or school project and need a printable circle template, this is the place to be. This page contains a collection of free circle templates, with several sizes to choose from. The circle templates are fit on a letter-sized 8.5″ x 11″ page and saved as a pdf file for your convenience. Click on the images below to go to a template’s download page.

There are 6 templates to choose from. The first template contains a set of circles with 1-inch diameters. These could be useful as printable math counters, play money for kids, or as tokens for a homemade game. The following circle template contains 2-inch circles, which would work well as circle name tags if printed on sticker paper. The third page contains circles with 3-inch diameters, a suitable size for designing your own circular stamps. The fourth page has 4-inch circles, which may be helpful if you’re making drink coasters. Next there is an 8-inch circle template, a fitting size for doodles and drawings, and printable signs. The circle stencils are useful tools for drawing. Finally, if you need a template for another shape, please visit the Geometric Shape Templates page.

Free Printable Circle Templates

1-inch Circle Template
1-Inch Circles
printable circle sheet
2-Inch Circles
blank circle chart
3-Inch Circles
Circle printable
4-Inch Circles
Circle Stencil PDF
5-Inch Circle Template
printable circle template
8-Inch Circle Template

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