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Printable Paper Christmas Tree Template, Clip Art, & Coloring Pages

Are you looking for a creative Christmas art craft to make with your kids? Then check out these great holiday printables. Let your children decorate their own paper Christmas Tree template with the printable ornaments. You could also keep your children entertained with a Christmas Tree coloring page. Or use some Christmas tree clipart for a poster or Christmas card. When you’ve got an imagination and high quality art, the possibilities are endless. Each of these printables is completely free for personal and educational use. Please do not use them for commercial purposes.

Paper Christmas Tree Template

If you want to make a large Christmas tree out of cardboard, you can scale and tile this Christmas Tree template across several sheets of paper and then tape them together. If you’re looking for a more intricate design, keep scrolling down the page.

Christmas Tree Template

Christmas Tree Clip Art

Now we have some free Christmas Tree clip art. Save the images to your computer, and use them for posters, holiday cards or in flyers for your subdivision or church. Print out these jpegs or drop them right into your designs using Photoshop, Illustrator, or another image editing program.

Christmas Tree Clip Art Christmas Tree Clipart

Christmas Tree Coloring Pages for Kids

Next we have two Christmas Tree coloring pages for kids. These simple illustrations will be great for younger children.
Christmas Tree Coloring Page Christmas Tree Printable

Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

If your children want to decorate their own Christmas tree, they’ll surely enjoy these printable Christmas tree crafts. There’s a full color version, as well as a black and white version for kids who want to color. The Christmas trees can be decorated with a wide variety of ornaments, including candy canes, bows, holly, candles, snowmen, gifts, and a star.
Christmas Tree Craft for KidsChristmas Tree Crafts for Kids

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