Spot the Difference Printable

Today’s download is a Spot the Difference printable, a visual puzzle challenge that’s fun for both kids and adults. The printable is available in both color and black and white, and  features a cartoon of a man on a skateboard being pulled through the park by his dog. (This is the method of transportation my little brother uses when he takes the dog for a walk.)

Can you find the 10 differences between the two pictures?

Spot the Difference Printable – Color

Spot the Difference Printable

Spot the Difference Printable – Black and White

And now for the black and white version. If you’re a teacher and want to print a bunch of these worksheets for the classroom, print this one.

Spot the Difference


Answer Key

If you’d like to see if you found all the differences, take a look at the answer key.

For Artists: This illustration was sketched on Bristol Board and inked using a nib and India Ink. The color and the differences between the 2 images was added in Photoshop. Layout was done in Adobe Illustrator. I drew this printable in the European “Comic-Dynamic” style.


Spot the Difference #2

thanksgiving spot the differencethanksgiving spot the difference

You can view the answer key here.


Thanks for taking a look at my printables and illustrations.

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  1. I am an English Language Instructor at university and I am so thrilled to see your professional printable. I will be using these for speaking activities where students will need to communicate and describe the pictures in order to find the differences.

    Super work. Keep it up.

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