About Tim

Hi, my name is Tim van de Vall. 

I have been making printables for kids since 2012. Through Tim’s Printables I am able to combine my love of illustration with my passion for learning. 

I’ve liked drawing since I was a little kid. In second grade I’d rush through my school work and spend the rest of the day doodling sharks, pirates, and dinosaurs.

Now that I’m an adult, I spend most of the day doodling sharks, pirates, and dinosaurs.

My goal is to spark creativity in kids. I want to provide them with free resources they can use in order to discover, create, and play. 

When I’m not working on Tim’s Printables, I’m often writing and drawing my comic strip, Ergo.

This comic strip summarizes the things that are important to me:

5 thoughts on “About Tim”

  1. Hi Tim!

    My name is Mackie and I am a Children’s Librarian in Boise, ID. I’m doing a Fall Reading Program starting in September. I came across your treasure hunt board game printable and I would love to use it as my game board for the program. I just wanted to make sure that was okay with you.


  2. Hi Tim,
    It’s a small world! I’m a native-born Idahoan who is now a children’s librarian in Michigan. Just like Mackie, I too would like to get permission to use your amazing printables at my public library. All use would be for educational purposes, non-profit, and copyright acknowledged. May I do so?

    Mary Ann

    1. Tim van de Vall

      Hi Mary Ann! Yes, that’s what they’re here for:) Please include them in your library, and share with your friends and colleagues.


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