A is for Alligator | Letter A Printable

By Tim van de Vall on 02/12/2016

Download a free A is for Alligator coloring page for preschoolers. This freebie is also available in color, so you or your kids can make your own alphabet book. Please click a thumbnail image below to open the PDF version of the printable in your browser. This content is part of my Alphabet Printables section. Once you’ve downloaded the file you want, be sure to check out the rest of my printables!

A is for Alligator coloring page A is for Alligator

A is for Alligator, but What Else Starts with A?

Here are a few common items your child will probably know which also begin with the letter A:

Acorn, Air, Airplane, Anchor, Animals, Ant, Angel, Apple, Ape, Arm, Astronaut, Athlete, Automobile, Axe


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