Grade Level: Fourth Grade

Brown Bat Templates

Print these brown bats and decorate your classroom in time for Halloween. PDF format. 7.5″x10″.

Cartoon Bats for Halloween

Decorate your porch for Halloween trick or treating with these black and white cartoon bat printables. There are three bats to a page. PDF format. 7.5″x10″.

Bat Templates for Halloween

Download three printable bat outlines for Halloween crafts, decorations, and bulletin boards. Fun for your kids to color. PDF format. 7.5″x10″

Printable Halloween Border

Decorate your classroom bulletin board in Halloween style with this cheerful yet spooky printable Halloween border. Cut out the strips and arrange them one after the other. PDF format. 7.5″x10″

Halloween Decorative Border

Cover the perimeter of your bulletin board with this fun black & white Halloween decorative border. Cut out the strips and paste them one after the other. PDF format. 7.5″x10″.

Halloween Page Border

Create a Halloween flyer or poster with this printable Halloween page border. PDF format. 7.5″x10.”

Brachiosaurus Coloring Page

If your kids like dinosaurs, print this fun brachiosaurus coloring page pdf. This coloring page activity would make a great addition to a unit about dinosaurs, biology, or science. TERMS OF USE This coloring page may be used for personal and educational use.

Paw Shape Puzzle Template

Create your own puzzle out of cardboard, construction paper, or wood using this paw shape puzzle template. PDF format.

Objects in the Solar System

A handout depicting major known objects in the Solar System. PDF format. Information source:

Poison Dart Tree Frog Activity

Which two poison dart tree frogs are exactly the same? Answer key on second page of PDF. Instructions: Color the two identical poison dart tree frogs. Note: The two identical frogs might not be the same size or facing the same direction. They might also be partially covered with leaves. Three Interesting Poison Dart Tree …

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Finish the Drawing – The Alien

Finish the Drawing! George, Tessa, and Arrowbot have found an alien on exoplanet Proxima Centauri B. Draw the alien! PDF format.

Space Colony Illustration

In my comic strip, Ergo, the protagonist George Ergo builds a company and starts exploring space. I made this illustration to discover what his space station might look like. I’ve also used this drawing as a basis for a Finish the Drawing activity and a coloring page. Teachers may want to print this as a …

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